Our Community

Not only do we think it’s important to keep the outdoor’s clean, it’s just as important to take care of the communities we occupy. It’s on us, as adults, to educate future generations not only about the outdoors, but mentor them and exhibit positive attitudes and actions they can apply to everyday life.

Creeks to Peaks will be partnering with the Washed by Waters Ministries of NW Arkansas to bring at-risk young and adults to the outdoors. We will teach them the art of fishing and take them on day hikes and other various outdoor activities.  We will be working with them directly regarding all event details, as Spencer Tooley (Founder of C2P) will serve as an active Board Member for Washed by Waters Ministries Committee.

$1.00 of every order goes toward the Washed by Waters Ministries of NWA

Also, we will be working with representatives from the Fort Smith Public Schools and Springdale Public Schools to help identify individuals that may be eligible for our programs and delegate them our way. We act as mentors for k-12 students throughout the River Valley and NW Arkansas areas, focusing mainly on utilizing our connections with the local school systems and libraries.


"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." -- Muhammad Ali


Brand Ambassador, Brandon Allen, teaching our youth the basics of fly fishing on the Kings River near Eureka Springs, AR.


 Pictured is Brady, age 11, showing off the colorful sunfish and a big smallmouth (below) while on the water with the Creeks to Peaks crew.


Lance, age 15, wants to be a full-time guide when he grows up so he's been all business on the waters lately, constantly learning and progressing his fishing knowledge.


Brady showing off a massive 19in. smallmouth on the water with the C2P crew at Crooked Creek near Yellville, AR.


Spencer Tooley (Founder) sharing fishing tips with Donald Jr., age 13, and family at Lake Elmdale near Cave Springs, AR.