Our Environment
    Creeks to Peaks will be hosting monthly cleanup events at different creeks & rivers throughout the Ozark National Forest and any waterways we happen to come in contact with along our journey. We believe it’s a privilege, not a right, to have the opportunity to enjoy these beautiful ecosystems.

    Leave us your email via the Sign Up form at the bottom of this page and you will receive an informal email describing the upcoming cleanups and details on each event. We will send you set dates at least 2 weeks before each event. There will also be numerous improvisational cleanups since we feel we should give back more than once a month, when possible. Creeks to Peaks will provide snacks and drinks to help you stay hydrated, along with a pair of sanitary gloves, trash bags and other necessary items to aid the cleanup efforts.

    Creeks to Peaks is an active Brand Ambassador Business Member for both Trout Unlimited and American Rivers Non-Profit Organizations. After the cleanup events, we will report our annual cleanup amounts to American Rivers for their records.




    July improv cleanup on the White River near Crosses, AR.

     Our annual monthly cleanup at Twin Bridges near Goshen, AR.

    Cleanup on the Middle White River near Fayetteville, AR.


    Brand Ambassador, Dax Baker, hanging wood boxes to help boost the overall duck population near Spiro, OK.


    Cleanup on the Little Osage Creek near Cave Springs, AR.


    Cleanup on Crooked Creek near Pyatt, AR.


    C2P supporter, Mark Pouncey, volunteering his time to fill a bag on the Beaver Tailwaters near Garfield, AR.